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Our financial newswire is the best way to distribute company news and fulfill disclosure obligations.


7IR Websites & Tools

Our IR Websites and IR Tools automated processes streamline workflows and present information clearly.

wCorporate Websites

Our website team are digital pioneers, creating ambitious website projects above and beyond IR. We offer the full solution spectrum from a single source.


pDigital Reports

Using all the possibilities of the internet, we have raised interactive reporting for annual and sustainability reports to new levels.

iApps & Mobile

Our mobile-optimised solutions offer companies the ability to communicate in an increasingly mobile world.


aAudio & Video Webcasts

Our webcasts are the ideal instrument to directly, clearly and reliably communicate with investors, regardless of location.



Track and automate information to make sure your compliance is following best practices.

»Our Customized Solutions«

Our solutions are about innovation.

We take a comprehensive, integrated approach to our client’s needs, using years of industry know-how and technology expertise. Whether you use one product, or our full EQS workflow solution (the EQS COCKPIT), our passion is helping our clients reach more investors, spend less time processing information, and focus on the tasks that matter.

EQS is synonymous with integration and seamless workflows.

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»News & Disclosures«

EQS Newswire is a leading global financial newswire.

With over 10 global newsrooms, we allow you to reach more investors in the US and globally by providing a fast, reliable, and Regulation FD compliant distribution channel for your press releases, disclosures, and corporate news.

Using the EQS COCKPIT, you can take full control of your news distribution processes. Your workflow has never been simpler or more efficient – with an integrated CRM, mailing tool, easy Word format uploads, and full-service SEC filing.

  • Reach over 500,000 institutional investors, 300 million retail investors, and 100,000 media outlets globally
  • No costly “by word-count” pricing in North America
  • The only newswire licensed by the Chinese government to distribute news into China
  • Comply with recent SEC changes (effective 2017) regarding hyperlink libraries and XBRL formatting

»IR Websites & Tools«

Your IR website should help you communicate your investment thesis and maintain lasting relationships with your investors. EQS Group will help you achieve that, and guide you through all project phases -- from conception and design, to implementation and maintenance.

With our expertise and industry-leading IR technology, we assist you in communicating what’s important to investors: Why invest?

Need someone to handle it for you? Use our integrated solution and place the complete care of your IR website in our hands.

  • Powerfully communicate your Investment Thesis
  • Save time and resources with integrated processes
  • Fulfill all disclosure requirements and reg. FD
  • M&A and Special Situation Sites
  • Integrated CRM system to help you contact who you need, when you need to

Further information:


»Digital Reports«

We have award-winning expertise in the creation of interactive annual
and sustainability reports.

Our reports ensure your content gets maximum attention in the investment community and communicates your company’s path towards long-term value creation to all stakeholders. Exploring innovative digital formatting and content integration encourages higher engagement from
your investors.

  • 2016 Grand Winner of ARC Awards for our work with BMW
  • Best-practice Sustainability (ESG) reporting
  • Functionalities with high added-value for stakeholders (e.g. interactive materiality analyses)

»Corporate Websites«

Your company’s corporate website is your digital business card. You use it to address your investors and other target groups -- from employees and customers, to business partners and job applicants.

Share a compelling story with your stakeholders about your strategy and your people by developing a robust online presence.

As a full-service provider, we tap into your full potential digitally, guiding you from concept development, to your website going live (and beyond).

  • Over 15 years of experience
  • Multi-stakeholder concept from a single-source with conceptual expertise in the B2B sector
  • Use of the most modern technologies and solutions

»Audio & Video Webcasts«

High-quality and hitch-free communication with stakeholders is an essential element of successful Investor Relations.

Audio and/or video webcasts of your quarterly earnings, shareholders'
meetings, or investor conferences play a critical role in an IR communications program.

We manage the details, implementation, and management of your webcast so you can concentrate on content.

  • Over 5,000 broadcasted webcasts with support teams on 3 continents
  • Hosted the UK’s first-ever Electronic AGM with Jimmy Choo in 2016
  • “Mobile Streaming” and “Replay” functions extend the reach of your events
  • Customization to your corporate design with seamless rich media integration


Compliance requires a commitment to process-monitoring and detail, and no company wants to be caught on the defense in a critical moment. 

Internal “best practices” are constantly changing due to regulations created to increase transparency and oversight. EQS Group takes Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) seriously, and our growing product portfolio can help you stay ahead of the curve. 

From navigating the recent New York State 2017 Cyber Security regulation, to MAR, GDPR, PRIIP, or MiFID II in Europe, our expertise helps you navigate regulatory changes.

Our INSIDER MANAGER helps companies track critical information to make sure their compliance activities remain proactive, and demonstrate a commitment to “Best Practice” before a potential crisis strikes.
Track access to material, non-public information within your company and any third-party service providers
Create easily-managed and exported activity logs, and be prepared for any request from regulatory bodies for years to come
Notify individuals of necessary compliance protocols with automated feedback loops, pre-made templates, and CRM integration
Over 500 publicly-listed companies use our INSIDER MANAGER
Our INTEGRITY LINE whistleblower solution helps you establish an efficient system for detecting early warnings in your company, and comply with international provisions on whistleblowing policies.
Secure reporting channels either online or by phone to ensure anonymity
Analysis of incoming cases for optimal risk management with statistics and reports
Simplified reporting process, evidence submission via attachments
EQS Group is an official issuing authority for Legal Entity Identifiers (LEI), making us now one of only three dozen Local Operating Units (LOUs) worldwide.

Starting January 2018, companies will be required to have this 20-digit, alphanumeric, ISO standard 17442 code to publish voting rights notifications, internal information and proprietary transactions of executives, and to comply with EMIR, MiFIR, and MiFID II.
Best-priced option and speedy 24-hour LEI turnaround
Simple online application
24/7 hotline support

Further information:

Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) n